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Strategies for living a significant life.

I help people reach their full potential on a foundation of faith

I’m Marcus. Building leaders and businesses is my mission, and I’m at my best when I’m leading, communicating and creating for the glory of God. Simply put: I’m a Jesus-first person. Saying “yes” to Him is the genesis of a thrilling expedition.

Here's a few other things about me:

  • I don’t believe you have to have your head in the clouds to see God at work.
  • I think His promises are right down on the ground.
  • I believe His grace is just a half-turn away from you this instant.
  • I’m a husband, father, and pastor-turned-coach.
  • My story is centered on faith, family, the joys and challenges of raising a differently-abled child.
  • I write and speak about marriage and parenting and following Jesus through it all.

Move from striving to SOLID

Work with me to optimize your family, your business, and yourself

I’ve done more than my share of hustling. Striving is probably a better word—Secretly thinking if I could work just a little harder, and accomplish that next ultimate goal, I would find greater significance in my life. It worked for a while….

…Until it didn’t.

Eventually, the hustle and striving started to crush me. It wasn’t until I stopped believing that my value, my worth, and my significance were “somewhere out there” that my full potential was truly revealed. The result—explosive growth over the past seven and a half years—has surprised and humbled me.

Today I have a business of flexibility and command my own schedule to prioritize what matters most. Part of that priority is helping YOU reach your full potential through a coaching program based on my own journey.

Through this program you’ll discover:

  • Less longing for what you’re not, more appreciation of who you are.
  • Less hustle for what you don’t have, more gratitude for what you do.
  • Less grasping FOR, more pouring INTO.
  • Less blame, more forgiving.
  • Less frantic striving, more confident KNOWING.
  • Less you, more Jesus.

I have a renewed, revitalized faith for me and you. I believe a spectacular surprise is possible for YOU, because I’ve experienced it firsthand. 

Maybe you’re ready to turn a new page. Maybe you’re ready for a new adventure. I know a great path to walk. And I have a great vehicle to get you there.

Let’s level-up life together

About my speaking and podcasting

As a gifted communicator with decades of experience teaching audiences from the stage, nothing is more rewarding than having the opportunity to help people reach their full potential on a foundation of faith.

I tackle issues like pain and purpose, and how to plug your life into something bigger than yourself. All of it is intended to encourage groups, and I hope every word helps elevate your perspective toward the amazing plans God has for you.

Discover a strategic outlook for how to live your best life

Leading a Significant Life Podcast

Most of us want our lives to matter. But leading a significant life isn’t about chasing significance OUT THERE, but rather living and leading from what Jesus has already done IN HERE.

This pursuit is the theme of the podcast I share with my wife, Jen. Join us for a show that’s honest, practical, and wrestles it all out together. 

Resources to equip you to grow through hard things

Holding Hands with Grace

My story of faith, of family and of special need. It’s a father’s wrestling match with the pain of his daughter’s medical diagnosis and the powerful purpose contained in that tiny, enormous, extraordinary life.

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Your full potential is within reach. Let’s meet and talk more about how I can help you breakthrough to your most optimized life.

Talk soon--Marcus

We believe that life is better when we’re helping YOU to win. You are born to make a difference, and we use our gifts, our experience in ministry, and our passion to help you live a life of significance.

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